On Sep 29, 11:30am, Greg Lehey wrote:
} Subject: Repeated panic out of chgsbsize
} In the past couple of days, I've had a couple of panics out of chgsbsize:
} (kgdb) bt

 [ snip ]

} #12 0xc01cbac9 in panic (fmt=0xc0356920 "reducing sbsize: lost count, uid = %d") at 
} #13 0xc01c8d7b in chgsbsize (uid=50, diff=-17520, max=9223372036854775807) at 
} #14 0xc01ee6aa in sbrelease (sb=0xcdc091f4, so=0xcdc09180) at 
} #15 0xc01eb9fb in sofree (so=0xcdc09180) at ../../kern/uipc_socket.c:261
} #16 0xc0221e0b in in_pcbdetach (inp=0xce1c3aa0) at ../../netinet/in_pcb.c:542
} #17 0xc022c462 in tcp_close (tp=0xce1c3b60) at ../../netinet/tcp_subr.c:711
} #18 0xc0229bf6 in tcp_input (m=0xc0e96500, off0=20, proto=6) at 
} #19 0xc02247ee in ip_input (m=0xc0e96500) at ../../netinet/ip_input.c:756
} #20 0xc022484b in ipintr () at ../../netinet/ip_input.c:784
} #21 0xc0309195 in swi_net_next ()

That version of the per-uid accounting implementation has some race
conditions between the kernel top and bottom halves.  I'd recommend
upgrading to PRE_SMPNG.

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