At Sun, 27 Aug 2000 15:16:01 +0200 (CEST),
Alexander Leidinger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Can anyone success compiling kernel with the following config?
> > 
> > # ATA and ATAPI devices
> > device          ata
> > device          atadisk                 # ATA disk drives
> > #device         atapicd                 # ATAPI CDROM drives
> > device          atapifd                 # ATAPI floppy drives
> > #device         atapist                 # ATAPI tape drives
> > #options        ATA_STATIC_ID           #Static device numbering
> > #options        ATA_ENABLE_ATAPI_DMA    #Enable DMA on ATAPI devices
> > 
> I've the same problem.

This is obvous BUG of config(8), newly introduced 'count' feature.

In /sys/conf/files.i386 :

dev/ata/atapi-all.c             count           atapicd
dev/ata/atapi-all.c             count           atapifd
dev/ata/atapi-all.c             count           atapist

On the current implementation,
the first line is only effective,

i.e. same as:

dev/ata/atapi-all.c             count           atapicd
#dev/ata/atapi-all.c             count           atapifd
#dev/ata/atapi-all.c             count           atapist

Then, atapi-all.c will be copiled only when atapicd is enabled.

To exchange the lines of files.i386 takes effect as a symptomatic therapy.
But..., fix for config(8) is needed.

Motomichi Matsuzaki <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
Dept. of Biological Sciences, Grad. School of Science, Univ. of Tokyo, Japan 

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