There are some sendmail related changes I would like to make in the next
few days.  Some may be controversial so I am sending out this mail first.
I would appreciate feedback on any of these items.  If I don't hear any
major objections, I'll go ahead with the changes.

1. Use sendmail's version of vacation

sendmail's version of vacation is completely backwards compatible with the
existing version.  It also contains new features and bug fixes that are not
in the current FreeBSD version.  This will take care of PR bin/15227.

2. Copy cf config building tree into /usr/share/sendmail/cf

I've been getting many requests to provide the cf tree in the installed
system so users can configure sendmail without installing the FreeBSD
sources.  I can't see any reason not to do this.  It will also cut down on
support issues for  This will take care of PR bin/19790.  It
can also be used to close PR bin/13759 and bin/19897.

3. mail.local no longer installed setuid root

Since 8.10, the open source distribution of sendmail no longer installs
mail.local as a setuid binary.  To accomplish this, users needed to
configure sendmail to call mail.local as root.  This is done by a one line
configuration tweak.  This tweak isn't necessary if the config already uses
FEATURE(local_lmtp) as is recommended ( already does this).  We
( decided that one less setuid binary on the filesystem was
worth the possible support burden for upgrading users.  As it turns out,
nobody reported any problems.  I think we should do the same for FreeBSD's

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