> Here's what seems to be an interesting AML or AML parser bug.
>       OperationRegion(PSRG, SystemMemory, 0x0410, 0x1)
>       Field(PSRG, DWordAcc, NoLock, Preserve) {
>               ,       2,
>               PS2E,   1
>       }
> The field is marked for 32-bit access, but the region is only 1 byte 
> wide.  What's the correct thing to do here?  Expand the region to 
> accomodate the field's access requirements?  Constrain the access size of 
> the field to that of the region?

I thought read 32-bit, update target bits, write back whole 32-bit for
updating.  For reading value, read 32-bit and shift & mask bits as well.
I hope I could understand description in Spec; "If desired,
AccessType can be used to force minimum access width."


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