> > Here's what seems to be an interesting AML or AML parser bug.
> > 
> >     OperationRegion(PSRG, SystemMemory, 0x0410, 0x1)
> >     Field(PSRG, DWordAcc, NoLock, Preserve) {
> >             ,       2,
> >             PS2E,   1
> >     }
> > 
> > The field is marked for 32-bit access, but the region is only 1 byte 
> > wide.  What's the correct thing to do here?  Expand the region to 
> > accomodate the field's access requirements?  Constrain the access size of 
> > the field to that of the region?
> I thought read 32-bit, update target bits, write back whole 32-bit for
> updating.  For reading value, read 32-bit and shift & mask bits as well.
> I hope I could understand description in Spec; "If desired,
> AccessType can be used to force minimum access width."

This is clarified in the 2.0 spec; the short answer is that 
it's illegal.  There is already a workaround in the ACPICA code that 
truncates over-sized operation requests, but it didn't fix up the 
granularity to match.  I've added that support and will send it back to 

I'll also bug Intel about the BIOS in this machine (ISP1100), since this 
is a real error.  I doubt they'll do much about it though.

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