after cvsup and make world today i want to investigate why my notebook cant reboot. 
but i am really
new to the source of freebsd. can one tell me where to look?

i can shutdown fine with shutdown -h now till the system writes "press any key to 
when pressing the key the screen gets immediatly black and the system hangs forever. i 
would like to
compare the cvsupdates since mid of august, but i have no real idea where to start. is 
there any
docu to read about the source, giving a newbee a start? or any hint what happens when 
pressing the

would really like to find it out, because not beeing able to reboot and not beeing 
able to use apm
is not really fun sometimes. especially where current works really fine on my notebook 
and a older
siemens P75 dual CPU box.



Karl M. Joch

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