I have had several lockups since I gave -current a whirl.  I
finally have a crash dump so hopefully can help isolate the issue.
These seems to be repeatable easily by rebooting without powering off (on
my one machine).  sh (pid 6) has locked, other startup proceeses spawned
from /etc/rc (named for example) have locked.  By locking, they just spin
off into lala land and chew on CPU time, as well they become uninterruptable
and prevent the machine from entering multi-user mode.

        I can provide dmesg/kernel config/hints/dump to anyone but I
felt too much to dump down the list.  The 'where' output of gdb -k only
seems to show my manual break and 'panic' calls.

        :Kevin M. Dulzo:
eyes betray a soul and bear its thinking
beyond words they say so many things to me

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