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On Tue 2000-10-03 (18:51), Leif Neland wrote:
> > Jacques> Personally I don't want sysinstall or make world to touch my ports.
> > Jacques> But a tool to do this would be great.
> > 
> > Completely automatic update of installed ports is acutally difficult
> > because we cannot get to know the language or required toolkit from
> > the name of a binary. (eg emulator/wine and japanese/wine, timidity++-xaw
> > and timidity++-tcltk) We can still detect and enumerate the ports that
> > possibly installed old binaries, and decide which of the ports listed
> > up to update.
> > 
> Isn't enough information in /var/db/pkg?
> Perhaps a level of redirection is needed in the dependencies? (sp?)
> Something like the Debian way? 
> Instead of foo-1.23 being required by bar-3.34, bar should just require a
> foo >1.20.
> Or even bar requires an xyzzy.
> xyzzy is supplied by fee
> xyzzy is supplied by fie
> Then the user has the option of installing fee or fie.

This really is an issue for ports@, not current@.

We've had a long discussion on this, and not much has come out of it
yet, but I imagine that it just needs some time to simmer at a low heat
before some deep-frying. (:

So far, we've identified (or, rather, some people have suggested) that
we need relative versioning and virtual packages, so we've covered your

My "accurate" versioning stuff has come in (epoch, revision, just like
Debian), and it'll take some time more for someone to supply and review
the code for the others.  I believe Satoshi is reviewing a port of the
NetBSD relative versioning stuff at the moment.  Virtual packages are an
interesting thing, I don't believe there's code available for it, but it
should be easy enough.

Luckily, it seems things are progressing, and that the creative juices
are flowing again.  Will has a talk which includes stuff based loosely
on some suggestions of mine from way-back, which he'll give at BSDcon
(hopefully I can make it), and that will probably be a good
brain-storming starter.

So, things are looking up.  I can't actually remember why I replied to
this, other than to move it over to ports.  My mind is a'wandering.

Neil Blakey-Milner
Sunesi Clinical Systems

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