Here is a blurb from Sun explaining the difference between its Desktop and 
Server versions of Solaris for Intel and SPARC. I was explaining in -STABLE 
how Linux distributors are making selling versions of Linux for desktops and 
servers. An interesting note is many new servers don't come with a floppy 
drive, only a CD-ROM drive.

There are cost differences in the Solaris line.

Anyhow, I don't expect FreeBSD to follow this marketing tactic anytime soon 
(hope not). A press of a button is all you should need to turn
a desktop version into a server version. There is too much to deal with 
trying to keep the program.
- Ken

What's difference between Solaris x86 Server and Solaris x86 Desktop?

Intel version
There is absolutely no difference, other than what you are licensed to do 
with it. You get exactly the same software with the two products.

SPARC version
This is not the case with Sparc server, where the server product contains 
more CDs with some additional software. If you want something like Solstice 
AdminSuite, you have to order it separately.

About licensing
The Solaris desktop license restricts you from using the system as "any type 
of server" (other than print or NIS). or supporting more than two continuous 
users. Read your license for details. A Server Upgrade License is available.


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