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: We have a lot of Lucent WaveLan (Orinoco) installations, primarily using the
: ISA-to-PCMCIA adapters. We would urgently need a PCI-to-PCMCIA solution and
: Lucent provides the adapters which use a TI1225 chip. Unfortunatelly the
: legacy FreeBSD pccard driver has problems with this chip. I'm willing to put
: some work into making it work. I know about Warner's CardBus effort, but it's
: going too slow for my taste because I need a solution now (meaning this
: month).
: From reading the mailing list archives, I figured that the TI1225 driver does
: actually work in some laptops, because the BIOS does some magic initialization
: which the driver misses when running on a non-laptop box.

The TI-1225 works in a lot of laptops.  The problem is that the pci
cards don't have the "normal" cheater connection to the south bridge
to do PCI based interrupts.

: Anyone with knowledge of the issues involved is welcomed to contact me as well
: with as much information as possible - because my idea could be totally wrong
: for example.

The problem is that FreeBSD needs to be able to route the interrupts
to the pci bus using PCIBIOS (on i386, maybe others) but doesn't have
a good interface for that.  You would have to implement that
infrastructure, or flesh out one of the partially implemented versions
floating around and then fix the pcic driver to somehow know that it
has to route the interrupts as well as just establishing them.

If you'd like a less vague description, and are willing to work on it
please let me know.


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