> > Dear Alfred Perlstein,
> >
> > <caution type="I haven't (as yet) tried this">
> >
> > >From the posts I have been reading, I seem to understand that the
> > following may apply (depending on the divergence/relationship between
> > -CURRENT and -STABLE):
> >
> > -- It may be necessary to downgrade the toolchain (e.g. binutils;
> > gcc);
> > -- It may be necessary to downgrade "script"utils (ie perl).
> >
> > </caution>

> Yes you're correct there will be problems with perl, that's
> why you need a 4.x machine to do the building on and that's also
> why you may need several 'make -k installworld' runs to finally
> get a 'make installworld' to work.

Oooops, I had another problem in mind. I thought of the theoretical
general problem of downgrading a -CURRENT machine in a
"self-consistent" fashion (ie on the same machine). I haven't
done that (so far), so I am not aware of any [other] unwanted
side-effects. AFAIR, a few weeks ago, someone performed such
an operation (in the first week of August or so); I read several
posts about the matter. If somebody has successfully tried such an
operation recently (on a PRE_SMPNG machine), s/he will be able to help

Anyway, your suggestion sounds safer.

Best regards,

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