New in this patch:

 - Fixes for the EC code (error handling)
 - Fixes for power/sleep button handling (should work for both
   control method and fixed buttons)
 - Host:PCI bridges are now detected and attached using ACPI rather than
   by rummaging in PCI configuration space.  (If this fails, we fall back
   to the old techniques).
 - Print the current temperature in detected thermal zones (just cosmetic,
   and reveals that some machines are a bit confused already).

Comments, suggestions, bugfixes, etc. welcome as per usual.  It looks 
like we will be switching to this codebase fairly soon (the acpi-jp folks 
have been discussing this), so anyone with an interest in it is 
encouraged to tinker.

There is a known problem with this code and the Dell Inspiron 7500 (and 
possibly other laptops with similar BIOS AML) which I'm trying to fix.  
Don't expect it to work there yet. 8)

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