Since we are on the subject of installing kernels, i noticed last night
that the target "make kernel-install" (not part of world) will cause your
modules to be moved into modules.old. It looks like the routine that moved
the kernel -> kernel.old was not changed or something like that. Or maybe
this is what was intended... But it surely was not what I expected.
Shouldnt the tree be pushed over to "old" under different circumstances
(like a new module installation, and of course for the install target)?

On Sat, 7 Oct 2000, Tony Fleisher wrote:

> I just ran through this myself trying to update to newest -current. 
> I am not exactly sure what caused the breakage (perhaps some 
> changes inthe share/mk/* files?), nor what the "proper" fix is, 
> however I was able to get the kernel to install properly by adding
> NOMANCOMPRESS=true in the
> following Makefiles:

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