Please get mailer that doesn't quote the messages you're replying to
in such a brain dead manner.

* Mike Smith wrote:
> Uh, folks, releng4 is hosted at (and donated by) Yahoo, and BSDi have
> exactly *nothing* to do with its availability or otherwise.
> Before making absurd allegations like this, please apply a few neurons to
> the task.  Note also that you're insulting those of us that choose to
> work for BSDi in the name of FreeBSD; not really the brighest of things
> to do.

* Tony Johnson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [001008 21:38] wrote:
> I was downloading 1007 this weekend and getting 7-8k a second from
>  What they are saying is not totally inaccurate.
> Please stop dis-respecting other peoples comments just because you do not
> agree with them!  What is your comment to this...


My comment would be: "you just don't get it"

People are not disputing that services may have been down.

People _are_ disputing that these services being down has any
political agenda regarding various partnerships that the FreeBSD
project has made, collabiration with BSDi, Yahoo or martians from
area 51.

They're requesting that people stop blowing smoke and spreading
rumor, innuendo and FUD.  Machines go down, networks go down, deal
with it!

"I have the heart of a child; I keep it in a jar on my desk."

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