On Mon, 9 Oct 2000, Marc G. Fournier wrote:

>       Well, I swear I have to be missing something here that is going to
> make me slap my forehead, but I can't get into single user mode :(
>       I hit the space bar, type in 'boot -s' and it goes through all the
> normal start up procedures, sets up the networking, etc ...
>       The reason I'm trying to get into single user mode is cause I
> can't get into multi-user without it doing:

That's interesting -- this morning, I hit a ffs_valloc: dup alloc panic
following a buildworld.  I assumed it was to do with my local ACL patches,
although I have been unable to find a bug that could trigger it.  I'm
wondering if this isn't some sort of locking issue in VFS.  I managed to
trigger it in ufs_mkdir(), as I introduced a potentially location for
blocking where previously none existed, suggesting that perhaps some UFS
code is playing fast and loose with vnode locks.  This panic is
generated when FFS tries to recycle a vnode, but discovers it has a
non-zero mode, indicating that it is in use elsewhere in the system,
which should never happen.

BTW, do you have FFS_EXTATTR enabled?

Anyhow, I'm going to see if I can get it to be reproduceable here.

  Robert N M Watson 

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