The following changes have been made in -CURRENT:

1. mail.local(8) is no longer installed as a set-user-id binary.

   If you are using a /etc/mail/ from the default
   included with FreeBSD any time after 3.1.0, you are fine.  If you are
   using a hand-configured and mail.local for delivery, check
   to make sure the F=S flag is set on the Mlocal line.  Those with .mc
   files who need to add the flag can do so by adding the following line to
   their your .mc file and regenerating the file:


   Note that FEATURE(`local_lmtp') already does this.

2. sendmail(8) is now built with STARTTLS support unless NO_OPENSSL is set.

3. The default /etc/mail/ disables the SMTP EXPN and VRFY

4. Now using sendmail's version of vacation(1).

   This change should be transparent except for the new options/features

5. The sendmail cf building tools (contrib/sendmail/cf) are installed in

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