At 12 Oct 2000 07:13:47 GMT,
Jun Kuriyama wrote:
> Host A is my desktop box (-current), host B is NFS server (3-stable).
> Sometimes (at heavy load on NFS?), my access to NFS server is locked.
> At that time, following messages are logged.
> ipfw: -1 Refuse UDP hostB hostA in via fxp0 Fragment = 925
> I used ipfw with default accept but no rules.  I have not seen such
> message before.

I found ipfw_report(NULL, ..) is called at this point.

----- ip_fw.c:1305
                if (fw_verbose)
                        ipfw_report(NULL, ip, rif, oif);
                goto dropit;


After some debug, PULLUP_TO() in case IPPROTO_UDP.  Is reason for this
failing of m_pullup()?

----- ip_fw.c:1001
            case IPPROTO_UDP :
                PULLUP_TO(hlen + sizeof(struct udphdr));
                udp =(struct udphdr *)((u_int32_t *)ip + ip->ip_hl);
                dst_port = udp->uh_dport ;
                src_port = udp->uh_sport ;

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