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Daniel Eischen  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I've just committed some changes to the threads library
> and would appreciate feedback from anyone running threaded
> applications.  They include fixes that -stable could really
> use.
> This commit also implements zero system call thread context
> switching in the threads library.  Switching between threads
> is now much faster than before this change.

This sounds like great stuff!

> The range of valid priorities has also changed, perhaps
> requiring a library version bump.  The range of valid priorities
> is not visible outside of the threads library.  The only
> way it can be determined is through trial and error, so
> it _shouldn't_ be an issue.

I thought you could get that information with sched_get_priority_min()
and sched_get_priority_max().  Is that not the case?

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