Sometime between October 6 and yesterday (I haven't verified
with today's sources), make installkernel dies with a usage message for
the install command. buildworld and buildkernel go through ok. I believe
the issue is in the order the arguments are called, and if I knew which
.mk file told this, I'd provide a patch. 
        'boot -s' appears to have stopped working as well during the
same time period.
        NFS portmapper dies on startup. This also happened during the
same time period.
        The last has to do with the 'ed' driver and the latest Netgear
PCMCIA FA410TX card. I have a program to write the speed info to the
EPROM and am wondering if/when it will be included in the kernel. 
Hasan Diwan [[EMAIL PROTECTED]] :)
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 
Computer Science Department

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