> Hmm?... my forth is poor, but I don't believe that's the issue. If I
> understand how the floppies currently work is that it's just like our normal
> boot loader- we start coming up. If you want to load other drivers or modules
> (like ispfw), you hit the 'other than Enter' to stop the loading progress,
> switch floppies and load ispfw, davicom ethernet, a splash screen with
> jordan's face, whatever...then you type 'boot'- then the normal mfsroot flopp

The problem with such an approach is that it's not very user-friendly
to first-time installers who have no idea how to drive the loader.
Let's not forget the linux installation floppy saga and all the
confusion it's caused people just in trying to figure out which
floppies to use.  That would be where the forth hackery comes in - an
additional set of menu options which make it a no-brainer to insert the
kernel module floppy.

> you're sure this doesn't work. If you're email to -current was "only answers
> with patches against -current will be heard", you really should have said so.

No, that wasn't the point of my email.  My email was originally
intended to solicit suggestions about options to remove from the
kernel so that the *existing* mechanism would go back to working
again.  Adding a 3rd floppy to the mix is an option which has occurred
to all of us at one time or another and even been a topic for fierce
debate in the FreeBSD mailing lists.  I would have preferred not to go
there in this thread. :)

- Jordan

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