I made a typo in a service name today and came across an odd error message
that seems to have begun past 3.5-stable sometime.  It manifests itself
when you try to use a nonexistant service name instead of a port
number.  I'll file a pr if interest in this issue is lost before a fix is

All 4.x boxen I've tried this on so far:
> telnet localhost sdfhsabsdibf
localhost: servname not supported for ai_socktype
> ftp localhost hsfbidfbwaief
ftp: localhost: servname not supported for ai_socktype

Bug or not, this message is not very informative.  In 3.4-stable ~jan 2000
and 3.5-stable ~Jul 2000, I get:

> telnet 0 osals
osals: bad port number

What would be really nice to see:
cheeseball:~ % telnet 0 kjnsbkdfjnbfd
tcp/kjnsbkdfjnbfd: unknown service
cheeseball:~ % uname -sr
NetBSD 1.5F

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