On Wed, 18 Oct 2000, John W. De Boskey wrote:

> Hi,
>    Interesting question was posed to me which I can't
> locate a straight answer to.
>    We've been following -current for a few years now.
> Over time, the devices in /dev have moved around, new
> added, and old deleted (ie: we've never had to restage
> one of these machines and/or purge it and reinstall).
>    So, what would the correct sequence be to wipeout
> /dev and recreate it? (create /dev in an alternate
> location and compare the two...??)
>    Given that the above can be automated on a live
> system, is this something that can/should be added
> to make installworld/world?  (or atleast generate
> a report of changed devices, or devices that can 
> nolonger be created..)

        Well, answer A) is that devfs makes this all meaningless. I've
been running it on two machines (admittedly, both workstations) for
several weeks now. 

        Answer B) is, "How brave are you?" :) I've had success with 'cp -R
/dev /dev-old; rm -rf /dev/[^M]*; cd /dev/; /bin/sh MAKEDEV all'. Of
course, you have to remake your disk devices by hand after this, which
mitigates against it being automated in my book. 

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