On 10/19/00, Michael C . Wu wrote:
> 3. Itojun mentioned that the CITRUS Japanese people will be able
>    to import the wchar* and libxpg4 changes soon.

This is great!  I believe many developers have spent too much unnecessary
time dealing with wchar.h.  Is there a timeline yet?

BTW, are there any plans bringing language information into the system? ie.
nl_langinfo.h & nl_types.h, which are defined in the Single Unix Spec 2.
>From what I saw in the Citrus cvs, it seems that they have done the NetBSD
part, but neither FreeBSD nor OpenBSD.

> 4. ports/<language>/auto-l10n  Auto-localization port
>    It will be like ports/x11/gnome and depend on all necessary
>    ports.  The user will be able to choose what kind of applications
>    s/he requires, like the old Apache ports.

This one gonna be controversial. :-)

> 8. waiting for ICONV from Konstantine

Does this mean that there will be a consistent filesystem interface?
Keep it simple and stupid.

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