Hi there !

Some days ago I was tring to compile mysql at -current and found that 
./configure freezes at 'checking for restartable system calls'. Here is a
code witch is executed - if you compile it with '-lc_r -lm -lcrypt' it will


/* Exit 0 (true) if wait returns something other than -1,
   i.e. the pid of the child, which means that wait was restarted
   after getting the signal.  */
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <signal.h>
ucatch (isig) { }
main () {
  int i = fork (), status;
  if (i == 0) { sleep (3); kill (getppid (), SIGINT); sleep (3); exit (0); }
  signal (SIGINT, ucatch);
  status = wait(&i);
  if (status == -1) wait(&i);
  exit (status == -1);

/* end of code */



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