On Sun, Oct 22, 2000 at 06:54:25PM +0100, David Malone wrote:
> > Now, if one or two people will review this patch and verify that
> > LINT & GENERIC kernels compile the same, we're set for commit...
> It works fine with GENERIC - atleast I tested a buildworld with
> sources build with it. I don't think LINT compiles at the moment,
> atleast it seems to get stuck in the midway driver. I'll have a
> look at it this evening.
> One other think I wanted to do was seperate out the bits of the
> patch which touches code shared among the BSDs (KAME in particular).
> We should probably check with the owners of the code before we
> touch it, as it is a sort of "cosmetic" change. OTOH, it seems like
> something which could be useful for all the BSDs, as it provides
> the memory allocation system with a better idea of the demand for
> various types of memory.

What about using something like

#if defined(__FreeBSD__) && __FreeBSD_version >= 5xxxxx

This would probably make it easier for multi OS code, and also make 
it easier to MFC some of the affected code into -stable ??


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