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: >  Hi there,
: > 
: >  I've done a very recent week's make world(S) on -current, making
: >  and installing world and kernel go fine, but all hang on boot,
: >  with no error codes or msgs.
: > 
: Solution: Due to changes in the random/entropy stuff, you have to reboot
: the machine with "shutdown -r now" or Ctrl-alt-del, not "reboot".
: (Why do we have a separate reboot command? Couldn't it just be an alias
: for shutdown -r now?)

reboot should be a seprate command.  It should, however, cause the
shutdown scripts to run unless it is run -f.  shutdown implies sending 
all messages to all users of NFS filesystems, which isn't desirable in 
many cases.  At least that's why my fingers type reboot to this day:
On sunos 4.0 (really Solbourne OS/MP 4.0D) in a large company these
messages would scare more people than they informed...


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