Ok, folks want INET6. It's back..

It's been pointed out to me by "Thomas D. Dean"
<[EMAIL PROTECTED]> that the 'le' driver does
not work. Can someone provide additional information
about why it's in GENERIC?

Other candidates I've been pointed to include the removal
of /boot/boot[12] and NFS (which I seem to remember Jordan
axing at one point before we went to a 2 disk set).

So, the 2nd try at the patch is below. Comments welcome.


Index: dokern.sh
RCS file: /mirror/ncvs/src/release/scripts/dokern.sh,v
retrieving revision 1.37
diff -r1.37 dokern.sh
>       -e '/   le/d' \
<       -e '/apm0/d' \
>       -e '/apm/d' \
< sed   -e '/pty/d' \
> sed   -e '/   le/d' \
>       -e '/pty/d' \
<       -e '/apm0/d' \
>       -e '/apm/d' \

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