On Tue, Oct 24, 2000 at 08:15:12AM -0500, Will Andrews wrote:
> I'm sure there are better things to disable, like MFS, SYSV*, P1003_P1B
> and friends, and ICMP_BANDLIM.

Only SYSVMSG is removed for the i386 case.  SYS* for the Alpha.  I'm
assuming the SYS* left compiled in on the i386 is for X?

Does P1003_P1B and ICMP_BANDLIM actually add code, or just set defaults,
etc?  If someone beats me to it, please compile GENERIC and GENERIC w/o
ICMP_BANDLIM (and then again without P1003_P1B) and let us know how much
space savings they would provide.


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