At 2:58 PM -0700 10/24/00, Jordan Hubbard wrote:
> > The scripts themselves have the ordering dependencies.  The
> > startup system runs them in the proper order.  I don't know
> > if this is pre-computed or redone each boot.
>I'm really curious about this, myself.  One of the reasons the SYSV
>scripts have the numeric prefix is so that you know exactly what order
>things will be started in.  With the NetBSD stuff, this is not
>immediately obvious though I guess one could have a top level rc file
>with an explicit ordering similar to our various subdir Makefiles,
>but that also gives you another location to edit when dropping
>in a new startup file.

One should have some other script that you could run, which
would look thru all the rc files and just list which order
they will be run at startup (or at shutdown).  That way you
could find out the order for a given set of scripts without
having to actually startup or shutdown...

(I have no idea how netbsd does it, I'm just saying that I
would think some other script should be provided which
could list out the proper order without actually running
any of the scripts...)

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