John Baldwin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

} On 25-Oct-00 Chuck Robey wrote:
} > I'm having rather extreme problems with stability on my dual PIII
} > setup.  I know this is to be expected, but it's gotten so extreme on my
} > system, I can't spend more than a few minutes before it locks up.
} > 
} > Is there any chance that I could make things better by using a sysctl to
} > tell the box it's now a single-cpu system?  I can't read man pages at the
} > moment (I'm composing this on my Sparc Ultra-5) so if this might work, and
} > someone knows the exact command to use, I'd appreciate a bit of help.
} You can use kernel.old to compile a UP kernel.  I always keep a UP kernel
} around just in case.  Also, when did your SMP box become unstable?  There
} was a known problem with SMP boxes when the vm page zero'ing during the idle
} loop was first turned on that has since been fixed with the latest commit to
} vm_machdep.c yesterday.  Symptoms were frequent kernel panic 12's with
} interrupts disabled .

I am having the same lockup problems as Chuck with SMP kernels built since
October 21.  The system completely locks up after a short period of time.
If I'm running X, it does it within 10-15 minutes, but if I don't run X
and just leave it at the console, it can go for a few hours.  It does
eventually lock up, though.  I haven't tried building a UP kernel, but I
will try the latest vm_machdep.c changes.  If that doesn't work, I'll go
the UP route since I'm tired of being unable to list my processes.  :\

My working world+kernel was built October 4.  Normally, I update my
-current system more frequently than that, but this has been an abnormally
busy month.  Because of that, I can't narrow down exactly when the
instability began.  Right now, I'm running with a world built October 23
and the October 4 kernel which is rather unpleasant.


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