Gerhard Sittig writes:
> On Wed, Oct 25, 2000 at 06:04 +0700, Alexey Dokuchaev wrote:
> > Though I see your point, actually, many UNIX books, including
> > some pretty old ones, refer to sending HUP signal as standard
> > way of restarting/resetting daemons.
> Please tell the software authors about it, too. :)  Although
> there might be some form of convention, not everyone might follow
> it (some might not be able even if they tried without breaking
> established behaviour).  Wrapping those services will make
> starting, stopping, reloading, querying status and whatever you
> usually do to them easy and consistent for the user again.

Actually, the HUP convention has been around since at least v6. As
noted, it's still not universal. The pid file convention is more
recent, and less followed. Fixing that in a startup script is easy
(and what I recommend for string daemons that use the HUP convention,
so that it can be used for the script's stop command :-).

Now, which process do I need to create a pidfile for to get my ipfw
config reloaded?


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