On Wed, Oct 25, 2000 at 10:51:33AM -0700, dmitry wrote:
> I am sorry this is a little off the topic:
> 1) Has anyone been able to get css-auth patch to work on current/stable? (And 
> was able to watch DVD movies with sound and color at 720x480)

Yes, I have.  I can't get the audio to work, but have been able to
'play' vob files.

Audio is played with 'ac3dec', which built easily enough.  It
seemingly can find audio (doesn't complain, at least) but wedged
the hell out of my soundcard, I had to powercycle to get that

> 2) Can we use some of the LiViD tools? 
> 3) If someone got it to work before, could you give some points on how to get 
> it to work?
> 4) On http://www.opendvd.org there is a link to FreeBSD DVD HowTO. The links 
> that follow from that page are broken: ** What is Nist? **

Don't use nist.  Look for 'DecVOB'.

I have source/binaries that work under 4.1-R.

> Thank you,

Good luck.  Let me know if you need specifics...

> -dmitry

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