Thanks for the updates. A few questions below.


----- Mark Hittinger's Original Message -----
> It does look like an updating entry is needed for this badly.
> I did the following things, some of which may not be needed, and now my 
> -current boxes boot OK.
> 1.  update MAKEDEV from /usr/src/etc, run MAKEDEV all
> 2.  update /etc/rc /etc/rc.* /etc/defaults/rc.conf from /usr/src/etc
> 3.  add random_load="YES" to /boot/loader.conf

        or add the random device to the kernel config file.

> 4.  update /etc/login.conf from /usr/src/etc

        I don't remember having to do this... was there a
        specific reason?

> 5.  do a "shutdown -r now" which creates the entropy file and reboots
> Now the system boot does not hang at the ldconfig spots.  It does look like
> there is a lot to do to get back on course, enough to justify adding to
> Later
> Mark Hittinger
> Earthlink

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