Poul-Henning Kamp writes:
 > In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, John Hay write
 > s:
 > >> Try disabling newreno in both ends:
 > >> 
 > >>   sysctl -w net.inet.tcp.newreno=0
 > >> 
 > >> On my laptop with Wavelan cards this increases TCP throughput by a
 > >> factor of 5.
 > >
 > >Yes, that makes a HUGE difference. I only did it on the current box.
 > >Internat is still running 4.x and don't have it. I think it made more
 > >than a factor of 5 difference here. :-)
 > I sent packet traces to yan some time back, but have not heard from him
 > since.  I wonder if we should disable newrene for now...

That would be a shame.  

It makes a huge difference when shovling bits across my DSL line to my
-stable laptop.  Running netperf from a -current alpha with newreno, I
consistantly see 650-700Kb/s.  From a -stable i386 without newreno, I
see variable results from 300-500Kb/sec with large stutters, so to
speak, where there is no traffic at all for one second (or at least I
don't see any packets in systat -tcp 1).  

I hope this problem can be fixed -- I was actually hoping that newreno
could be MFC'ed.


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