First of all (using -current of 26 October) I was not able to attach pcm to 
my Yamaha OPL-SAx soundcard in my Toshiba Tecra8000 when using snd_pcm.ko. 
Using a statically compiled driver though I had no trouble whatsoever. The 
module was pre-loaded at boot time.

2nd with a working pcm driver I get sound glitches with display activity 
under X (4.0). This was something I had before with both pcm and OSS's 
sounddriver so it's not really an issue with the pcm driver but with the 
X-server I assume. I DO have additional glitches occaisionally, that I 
didn't have before and they are accompanied by the following kernel message:

pcm0: hwptr went backwards nnn -> mmm

Where nnn and mmm are numbers. nnn is not always bigger than mmm but I have 
not seen either value above 4096.

Any pointers in what to attack in the X-server and/or pcm driver would be 

My 3rd point is that I can't access any files on my NTFS partition. I have 
3 partitions, one NTFS, one FAT16 and one BSD. FAT16 works fine, I can read 
and write to it and all, but NTFS is being a bitch.

I can use 'ls' fine, no trouble there, I get all my directory listings and 
I can change directories etc. etc. But I can't open any files at all. Even 
'cat' fails. The error I get is 'Inappropriate ioctl for device'

It's been a long day so I'm not going to look into it further right now, 
but if no one jumps up and says "D'oh I know what that is, let me fix's your patch, commit in 5 minutes" I'll go dig. In looking 
for heads-up posts I ran across a single cvs-all post on the 1st of Oct 
about ntfs.h, so I'm guessing that's where I will start. (The last time I 
tried to access files on my NTFS drive was with a september build of -current).

That's it for now.

Oh, just out of curiosity, I build both my kernel and world with 
-mcpu=pentiumpro and -march=pentiumpro. Would there be any reasons not to?


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