> First of all (using -current of 26 October) I was not able to attach pcm
> my Yamaha OPL-SAx soundcard in my Toshiba Tecra8000 when using snd_pcm.ko.
> Using a statically compiled driver though I had no trouble whatsoever. The
> module was pre-loaded at boot time.

snd_pcm is the core module, it requires other driver modules before it will
be activated.  currently, loading snd_driver will load all drivers and the
core, but this will change.

> 2nd with a working pcm driver I get sound glitches with display activity
> under X (4.0). This was something I had before with both pcm and OSS's
> sounddriver so it's not really an issue with the pcm driver but with the
> X-server I assume. I DO have additional glitches occaisionally, that I
> didn't have before and they are accompanied by the following kernel

this is an artifact of the smpng work increasing irq latency.  it will go
away in time.


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