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> This has been discussed here before, but I just got my mainboard and
> wanted totry this out. The BIOS RAID does not work for me either - no
> surprise here. So I was trying to use vinum, but disklabel gives me
> different information than fdisk does. According to the disklabel command,
> my harddrives are not partitioned at all. This is strange. Can anybody
> shed some light on this? As far as I know, vinum needs the disklabel
> assigned to work, so I am stuck. I there a way to override this?
> I currently have the FreeBSD installed on an old 2GB drive, and wantto use
> the two 40 GB drives on the ata-100 bus to store /usr on.

Same issues here in Paris.

HPT370 on PCI card, Maxtor 40Gb hard drives...
_Impossible_ to disklabel the disks (which are easilly disklabelled 
through the integrated IDE controler of the motherboard).

The two HPT370 cards we bought (for the 4 Maxtor drives) to build a 
"nice" Samba Vinumed file server (and to show our NT guyz that they 
did not have to spend 3 times the amount of money we spent for a 
performant 120Gb RAID5 volume) are now on my desk, the drives are 
connected to the motherboard.
It works, but not the way I wanted it to.

Gona try on Monday with the recent STABLE changes of the IDE drivers.

Are you using current (as the list you're posting to) or stable ?


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