On Sun, Oct 29, 2000 at 02:50:26PM +0600, Alexey Dokuchaev wrote:
> What caused such a change?  I mean, what the purpose of it, what set of
> problems should it (probably?) solve?

>From the commit message (which you should be following if you're running
-current :-) )

  * Bring back the guts of crt{i,n}.S.  This allows C++ exceptions to work
  when using the egcs and gcc-devel ports, along with GCC built from stock
  public FSF sources.  With out this change, FreeBSD will be removed from
  the list of systems GCC 3.0 must be evaluated on before release.  With
  the effort some of us put into getting FreeBSD on this list, we should
  not turn this effort into a waste, else we might not be worth fighting
  for in the future.  (note that Alpha and IA-64 versions of crt{i,n}.S
  are needed)
  * Switch from our own crt{begin,in} to those created from GCC's crtstuff.c.
  This will allow us to switch to DWARF2 exceptions in the future, along with
  staying in sync with any future GCC requirements.
  * Break out our ELF branding bits into a seperate file.  Currently this
  is now included by our crt1.c files (since this functionality was part of
  our native crtbegin.c).  Later crtbrand.o will be merged in the creation
  of crti.o.

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