>> While I'm sure the new beeps for pccard insert/remove are quite charming
>> on some laptops, they are a bit broken on mine...
>> The new beeps are nothing more than a barely audible click or two... But
>> the real problem is that if the speaker wants to beep afterwards, my ears
>> are assaulted by not one but a nearly endless stream of beeps. They
>> continue for different lengths depending on when they begin... They seem
>> to stop when a card is identified though -- but it only requires another
>> beep to set it off again, and they continue until a card is either ejected
>> or another is identified (they don't stop if I break to ddb).
>> Any debugging info needed will be happily provided!

This is my fault. I fixed this problem in sys/pccard/pccard_beep.c
rev.1.5.  Please update your kernel.

MIHIRA Yoshiro

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