On Tue, Oct 31, 2000 at 00:08 +0100, Peter van Dijk wrote:
> Without looking at any of your code, I would kindly like to ask
> you not to look at the Linux driver for eexpress too much -
> it's severely broken and has all kinds of timing problems that
> can crash boxes at predictable moments (some boxes crash when
> you ifconfig, some crash when you run tcpdump [probably on the
> switch to PROMISC]). Slower boxes seem to work better.

Which driver version are you talking about?  I didn't follow this
stuff too closely (my EEPro100 always worked when not sitting in
an Asus SP3 board which has problems of its own regarding PCI)
but there is an enhanced and corrected driver besides the
"official" in the Linux kernel.  It always got good critics and
seems to work reliable from what I hear.

Donald Becker's original

Andrey Savochkin's improvements

I don't know whether the ML [EMAIL PROTECTED] (the Linux EEPro
list) is archived somewhere and how useful
is.  But I hope these links to be helpful.

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