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> I am using cvsup to update my sources. in the supfile, there is a
> line that states *default compress. The comment above indicates to
> comment this out when you have a fast connection. I DO have a fast
> connection (100+ K sustained to But when I comment
> this line out, cvsup indicates a smaller update rate than when I
> leave it in. Can someone shed light on this?

Sure!  The idea behind the comment in the sample supfile is that
for link speeds beyond a certain point, compression takes so much
CPU time that it slows things down more than just sending the bits
uncompressed.  That certain point depends on a lot of things -- the
speed of your CPU, the speed of your mirror's CPU, etc.  So it is
ultimately up to you to decide whether to use compression or not,
based on your experiences.

Second, the "update rate" can be misleading if you don't understand
what it means.  It's the total size of the files actually updated
divided by the elapsed time.  It tends to be kind of meaningless
unless a lot of files get updated.  If you do an update where nothing
has changed and therefore no files are updated, the update rate will
be 0.  So it doesn't work to look at the update rate with compression
on, then turn off compression, update again, and look at the update
rate a second time.  On your second update probably nothing will be
updated, because everything was already up-to-date from your first

The bottom line is, do what seems to work well for you.  In cases
where compression maybe makes a little difference but not much, don't
use it.  That will help lighten the CPU load on the mirrors.

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