On Tue, 31 Oct 2000 13:28:23 PST, Nathan Boeger wrote:

> I have looked through the list (I am new to this list) and saw some
> mention of the /dev/random. However I have a strange problem that was
> not mentioned. After I did a proper make world and updated my system to
> 5.0-CURRENT, my /dev/random services do not "start ?".

You probably haven't used mergemaster(8) to update your /etc/rc script.
If you don't know what mergemaster(8) is, you really need to catch up on
your documentation reading.  A shortcut might be to read src/UPDATING.

While you should really have divined this answer from the archives, it's
understandable that you may not have read through every single one of
the ridiculous messages that have surrounded the recent import of the
new random device.  When people argue fists first, it makes for a lot of
noise. :-(


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