>I'm not sure whether the problem of loading secondary usb modules is a
>problem in 4.x but it is easy to try.

>Boot a machine without usb support compiled in. after login, kldload
>usb, then the miibus and then the if_aue modules. If that works, you
>should be ok.

>I cannot test this as at the moment as I don't have a STABLE box (will
>have once the first RC comes out of JKH factories).

I usually do the following:

# kldload usb   (probes USB controllers)
# kldload miibus
# kldload if_aue
# usbd -f /dev/usb0

If the device has already been plugged in, starting usbd will cause
it to be probed/attached by the aue driver. If not, it will be detected
when it's plugged in later.


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