Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
> I was just looking at that piece of code, and I couldn't entirely
> make out what it was even trying to do.  Can somebody more
> linuxolator savy explain what the function linux_ustat() should
> produce.

The following comment explains what linux_ustat should do:

         * lu.f_fname and lu.f_fpack are not used. They are always zeroed.
         * lu.f_tinode and lu.f_tfree are set from the device's super block.

linux_ustat fills in a structure with the above mention fields. The
meaning of f_tinode and f_tfree are explained by the following two

                lu.f_tfree = stat->f_bfree;
                lu.f_tinode = stat->f_ffree;

In short: given the (u)dev_t, get the FS statistics and return the
number of free blocks and inodes of the FS on that device.

Marcel Moolenaar
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