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On Wed, 1 Nov 2000, John Polstra wrote:

> Here are all the random facts which, when put together, explain what
> is going on.
> Your old application was (like all -pthread programs) linked
> with "/usr/lib/libgcc_r.a".  That library contains a function
> "__register_frame_info" which uses some of the facilities of the
> pthreads library "libc_r".
> The pthreads library has to be initialized before it can be used, by
> a call to _thread_init.  If some functions such as pthread_mutex_lock
> are called before the library has been initialized, a segmentation
> violation results.


> Overall I would lean toward putting the hack into pthread_mutex_lock.
> Comments?

do we still need uthread_autoinit.cc?


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