On Wed, Nov 01, 2000 at 11:40:15PM -0800, Marcel Moolenaar wrote:
> [cc'd to [EMAIL PROTECTED]; please remove -current on future
> replies]
> It's quite likely we don't support less frequently used or very
> specialized ioctls. These are mostly implemented on a need-to-have basis
> triggered by a can-be-done condition (what?)
> Do you know what you need?

Nothing special just rewind, fsf, ...
The density or compression stuff is not needed.

That's a rewind using FreeBSD mt:
   679 mt       CALL  open(0xbfbff86e,0,0x6)
   679 mt       NAMI  "/dev/nrsa0"
   679 mt       RET   open 3
   679 mt       CALL  ioctl(0x3,MTIOCTOP,0xbfbff5c4)
   679 mt       RET   ioctl 0

And here what claims to be a rewind with the linux app:
   682 tapeexercise CALL  open(0xbfbff8a8,0x2,0)
   682 tapeexercise NAMI  "/compat/linux/dev/nrsa0"
   682 tapeexercise NAMI  "/dev/nrsa0"
   682 tapeexercise RET   open 3
   682 tapeexercise CALL  ioctl(0x3,0x40086d01 ,0xbfbff634)
   682 tapeexercise RET   ioctl -1 errno -22 Unknown error: -22
   682 tapeexercise CALL  ktrace(0x810b000)
   682 tapeexercise RET   ktrace 135311360/0x810b000
   682 tapeexercise CALL  write(0x2,0xbfbfcb9c,0x3e)
   682 tapeexercise GIO   fd 2 wrote 62 bytes
       "tapeexercise: rewind ioctl failed, errno 22: Invalid argument

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