I cannot make mergemaster work.  Tried twice earlier in the year and
took several hours to recover...  Don't know what my problem is.

However, I have a script that compares and lists diffs in /etc/rc* and
/etc/defaults/* to those in src/etc.  Normally, I manually copy those
files to /etc.

# grep '$FreeBSD' /etc/rc /etc/rc.shutdown /etc/defaults/rc.conf 
/etc/rc:# $FreeBSD: src/etc/rc,v 1.239 2000/10/22 19:10:13 phk Exp $
/etc/rc.shutdown:# $FreeBSD: src/etc/rc.shutdown,v 1.15 2000/10/20 20:26:05 ache Exp$
/etc/defaults/rc.conf:# $FreeBSD: src/etc/defaults/rc.conf,v 1.83 2000/10/29 19:59:04 
ume Exp $

These are the proper versions.

After looking through rc.shutdown, 'Writing entropy file.' is not
displayed.  In /etc/defaults/rc.conf and /usr/src/etc/defaults/rc.conf,
I have

entrop&^%]0y_file="/entropy" # Set to NO to disable caching entropy through reboots.


Fixing this fixes the problem.

Thanks Mark.


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