Well in that case I must be doing something wrong.
I am pretty sure I've got the last current, but the card still does not
come up as it does with the kernel Jon compiled at the Con...

The modem would be great too, but that the Ethernet works is really
number one for me right now.


Warner Losh wrote:

> In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Jan Knepper writes:
> : Does anyone know anything about the patch Jon made for this
> : cardbus card during the BSD Con 2000?
> Should be in the tree right now.  Modem won't work, however.  It is a
> winmodem type thing.  The good news about this winmodem is that there
> appears to be a relatively simple linux driver for it (I say appears
> because I've seen references to it, but haven't seen the actual
> driver).
> Warner

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