On Tue, Nov 07, 2000 at 04:13:37PM +0800, Clive Lin scribbled:
| may panic because of several IPFIREWALL options. The panic message I could
| tell is about trap 12, swi6: clock and page fault. And the machine hangs
| solidly right away, I have no idea how to provide a back trace :(

What is your motherboard and hardware config?

|     There're 2 ways to triger the panic. 1) ssh to a 4.X machine. (In my
| environment, 4.1.1-RELEASE) 2) Wait and see, it will panic in multi-user
| mode soon or latter.
|     Attached 2 files are my kernel configuration file and diff against
| GENERIC. (comments stripped)
|     My /usr/src is about time after [EMAIL PROTECTED]'s es137x mixer fix. The
| way I buildkernel is make buildkernel. No CFLAGS and COPTFLAGS defined
| in my /etc/make.conf. Of course, buildworld and installworld has been done
| successfully before buildkernel.
|     GENERIC kernel works pretty smooth.

Can you compile a kernel with TCPDEBUG, DDB, INVARIANTS, KTR,
and all the debugging options on both sides?
Dump via DDB if possible.

Tcpdump outputs before/during/after crash/trap12 would be great.

Finally, have you tried upgrading 4.1.1-R to RELENG_4 and newer -current?
I have presmpng, smpng, and 4.2-BETA on my lan working fine.

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