>it is detected by the kernel and pccardd correctly as an ed0 device,
>ifconfig configures it correctly, but as soon as the interface
>is up, the kernel starts spewing ed0: device timeout...

This usually means IRQ stuffups.

>at first i suspected cable/hardware problem, and rebooted in windows98SE
>to see if the problem is present there also - unfortunately, the card
>works like a charm under windoze, so it isn't cable/hardware problem.

Reboot again, and see which IRQ the driver there uses. Then go into 
/etc/pccard.conf and replace the ? on the config line with that IRQ.

>before updating to the latest current (before it it was -current from 30 days)
>the card worked perfectly... i think it is some change in etc, because 
>i've run
>mergemaster, but i am stupid and deleted my backup etc directory too soon;-(

Ah the pain we all have to have felt once. =)


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